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Welcome to the realm where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, where the beauty of boats, sailing, and yachting is captured from a unique vantage point – the sky. Aerial Drone UK takes you on a visual journey, unveiling the stunning perspectives and unparalleled moments that only drone photography and filming can deliver.

With the beautiful coast of the South West on the doorstep of our Devon base we understand the impressive footage which can be gathered around the coast of Cornwall, Devon and further afield.

Drones offer a dynamic and captivating viewpoint that transcends traditional photography. Imagine a sleek yacht slicing through the water or a regatta of sailboats dancing with the wind – now envision witnessing these scenes from high above.

Sailing enthusiasts will appreciate the unique perspective that drone photography brings to their beloved pastime. Aerial Drone UK captures the essence of sailing, not just as a sport, but as an immersive experience that connects individuals with the wind and sea.

1. Sailors in the Spotlight:

Our drones focus on the sailors, showcasing their dedication and expertise. Whether it's a lone sailor taming the waves or a crew working in perfect harmony, our lenses bring forth the human element that makes sailing an art as much as a sport.

2. High Performance:

Capture your high performance sailing boats from a unique perspective, these photos and films can be used for various purposes such as sponsorship, marketing and coaching.

Yacht - Sailing - Powerboat - Drone - Photography - Jetski - Filming - Marketing
Yacht - Sailing - Powerboat - Drone - Photography - Jetski - Filming - Marketing

3. Sunset Sails:

There's something magical about a sailing boat silhouetted against a breathtaking sunset. Aerial Drone UK specialises in capturing these poetic moments, where the vibrant hues of the sky meet the tranquil expanse of the sea, creating a canvas of unparalleled beauty.

4. Coastal Exploration:

Navigate coastal landscapes like never before. From towering cliffs to hidden coves, our drones venture where others can't, offering a bird's-eye view of the rugged beauty that makes sailing along coastlines a unique and rewarding experience.

Yachting Grandeur: Elevating Luxury with Aerial Elegance

For yachting aficionados, Aerial Drone UK elevates the luxury and opulence of yachting to new heights. Our drones redefine the visual narrative, ensuring that every moment aboard a yacht is a masterpiece in the making.

1. Luxury Unveiled:

Showcase the grandeur of yachts in exquisite detail. Aerial Drone UK captures the sleek lines, luxurious amenities, and the sheer scale of these floating palaces with a level of detail that can only be achieved from the sky.

2. Sales:

Make sure your yacht advert stands out from the crowd when you are selling your new or used yacht by giving potential buyers a unique view.

3. Celebrating Events:

From glamorous yacht parties to intimate gatherings at sea, our drones turn yachting events into unforgettable visual stories. Every celebration becomes a cinematic experience, with the yacht as the star of the show.

Why Aerial Drone UK?

- Expertise and Precision:

Our team of skilled drone pilots and photographers brings a wealth of experience to every project, ensuring precision and professionalism in every shot. Our team are also experienced at working on water and are experienced sailors.

- Cutting-Edge Technology:

Aerial Drone UK utilises the latest drone technology, equipped with high-resolution cameras and advanced stabilisation systems, guaranteeing the highest quality visuals. We also have access to a large range of Powerboats allowing us to get closer to the action.

- Customised Packages:

Whether you're an individual sailor, boat owner, or luxury yacht charter company, Aerial Drone UK offers customised packages to suit your specific needs and vision.

- Compliance and Safety:

We prioritise safety and adhere to all regulations, providing peace of mind while delivering breathtaking aerial content.