Professional, Capable & Safe Drone Operator

Our aerial drone services provide aerial photography, drone surveys, drone inspections, drone thermal imaging, drone security and drone surveillance across the UK

Welcome to Aerial Drone UK, as a leading drone (UAV) provider in the United Kingdom, we specialise in harnessing the power of drone (UAV) technology to offer a diverse range of services, including drone photography,  drone videography, drone filming, drone inspections, drone surveys and drone event security.

Being based in the South West we have easy access to Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset and the rest of the UK.

We are a family run business with years of drone operations experience, we pride ourselves on finding a tailored solution for our customers.

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We are fully licensed having sat through ground and flight exams to be fully qualified in flying a drone for your needs and we hold a £5m Public Liability Insurance, just in case something goes wrong.

All of our teams are fully self sufficient, carry fully medical equipment including Defibrillators and all the correct PPE for the work environment.

Our commitment to innovation and designing a custom solution for all customers sets us apart in the dynamic field of aerial drone services. At Aerial Drone UK, we leverage state-of-the-art drones equipped with advanced camera systems to capture stunning aerial imagery and high-quality videos. Whether you're seeking captivating visuals for your marketing campaigns, to capture your event in full or make sure your crowd is safe, our skilled team is dedicated to delivering unparalleled results.

At Aerial Drone UK, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, technological prowess, and customer satisfaction. We understand that no two projects are the same and will work with you to tailor the service to your requirements and budget. Whether you are looking to capture breathtaking aerial visuals, manage event crowds, carry out surveys or inspections we are able to tailor our service to your needs.

"From our first enquiry, the preparation, communication and delivered results, Aerial Drone UK impressed throughout with  technical knowledge and ability to understand our requirements"

Thomas, Manchester