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Our professional drone pilots and teams are able to offer your events and festivals advanced crowd monitoring with our fully licensed pilots

Aerial Drone UK stands as a beacon of innovation in crowd monitoring and security drone services for events and festivals. Based in Devon we have easy access to Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset and the rest of the UK. Harnessing the potential of cutting-edge aerial drone technology and drone services, we are redefining the standards of safety and security at public events, gatherings, and critical infrastructure locations with our licensed drone pilots.

The imperative is for more advanced crowd monitoring and security in a rapidly evolving world, the challenges associated with this crowd management and security have reached new heights. Traditional approaches often lack the real-time insights required for efficient decision-making. At Aerial Drone UK, our drone service mission is to bridge this gap using state-of-the-art technology, setting new benchmarks for crowd safety and security.

Aerial Drone UK - Festival and Crowd Security - thermal - tethered drone
Aerial Drone UK - Crowd Counting - Crowd Security - AI

1. Crowd Monitoring:

Our drones are equipped with advanced cameras with up to 200x zoom to allow our drones to operate at a safe distance, providing live video feeds and data analytics. This enables event organisers, police, and security personnel to monitor crowds comprehensively from a centralised control centre which we are able to transmit images straight into, identifying potential issues and responding proactively to ensure public safety.

2. Security Surveillance:

Aerial Drone UK's security drones serve as an omnipresent deterrent against criminal activities. Armed with high-resolution cameras, infrared/thermal capabilities, and advanced analytics, our drones provide 24/7 surveillance, ensuring the security of both public and private spaces.

3. Tethered Drones:

A pivotal element of our services is the utilisation of tethered drones. These drones boast extended flight times, ensuring continuous monitoring without the interruptions caused by battery changes. Ideal for prolonged events, festivals and critical infrastructure protection, tethered drones play a crucial role in our innovative solutions.

Expert Drone Pilot Qualifications

At the heart of our success is our highly skilled and qualified team of licensed drone pilots. Our drone pilots  hold the SIA CCTV certification, showcasing their expertise in using closed-circuit television systems for surveillance and security operations. Furthermore, our team members have earned the Level 5 Award in Crowd Safety Management, demonstrating their proficiency in managing crowds safely and effectively.

Advantages of Tethered Drones

1. Extended Flight Time:

Tethered drones are connected to a power source on the ground, ensuring extended flight times and continuous surveillance.

2. Enhanced Stability:

The tether provides stability, allowing our drones to maintain a fixed position, capturing clear and steady footage even in challenging weather conditions.

3. Increased Data Transmission:

With a consistent power source, tethered drones facilitate high-speed data transmission, ensuring real-time delivery of high-quality video feeds and data analytics to our centralised control van.

Live Image Transmission to Control Centre

Aerial Drone UK prides itself on the seamless integration of technology. Our drones are equipped to transmit live images directly to our control van or directly into your event control room. This allows our team of qualified Security Industry Authority (SIA) CCTV operators to monitor events and situations in real-time, ensuring a swift and informed response to any emerging threats.

Why Choose Aerial Drone UK?

- Expertise: Our team comprises qualified drone pilots, professionals with the SIA CCTV certification and Level 5 Award in Crowd Safety Management.

- Cutting-Edge Technology: We invest in the latest drone technology to provide clients with advanced and reliable solutions.

- Customised Approach: Aerial Drone UK tailors its services to meet the unique requirements of each client, event and festival ensuring maximum effectiveness in diverse scenarios.

When joining this service with our Drone Detection service you can increase the safety of your event and visitors.